Change Leadership Presentation at SAHRA

I recently spoke to a large group on Change Leadership at the Sacramento Area HR Association’s (SAHRA) annual conference and if you were not able to attend, I’d like to share my presentation with you.  A good question that was raised by one of the participants was: “ When you are leading a project and change process, there is a lot of churn, stakeholders change and team members come in and out of the project all of the time.  How do you accommodate that in this model?”  By employing a support network (see slide deck for information) you leverage an extended team in your network to bring new people up to speed prior to launch of the product or process you are introducing into the organization.  One of the tasks of the “Ambassador” group members is to keep their stakeholders up to date on the project/process prior to launch. Then at launch and post-launch, a support network (L1, L2, L3) and technology can address newcomers as well as the stable stakeholder group in a sustainable fashion.  An intranet web page which provides a tutorial is key if your organization is launching a new broad-based policy or process that has a high impact (see project assessment tool). Stay tuned for updates and post your questions to this site as you encounter bumps in the road while you navigate change. It may help others.