Are you Managing Change or is it Managing You?

To be successful in today’s volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA)¹ workplace environment, applying a change management approach is as essential to project management as Microsoft Project™. Yet a change management approach is rarely a skill-set in Centers of Excellence (COE) functions, among project managers, or Business Partners, let alone among Enterprise Executives. Why is there such a lack of knowledge and integration into project management? Is it because Change Management methodologies have been kept in a mysterious black box, cloaked in an enigma, the secrets of which can only be accessed through a Consultant for a licensing fee, accompanied by a 3 day training at a beautiful mountain-top lodge? Or is it because it is viewed as a “soft skill”, like managing people, and technology-oriented project management competencies focus on technical problems, not people challenges? If you agree with the authors of Moments of Impact², “Adaptive challenges are “messy, open-ended and ill defined. Technical challenges involve applying well-honed skills to well-defined problems, such as building a bridge or organizing a production line.”

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