For almost 10 years I’ve developed Green Global Resources into an organization that is well respected in Northern California as expert at getting results and helping companies manage the change that those results trigger.  It’s been an exciting ride in the driver’s seat and a rewarding one – with a diverse clientele and a portfolio including organizational development, engagement action planning, and compensation design – and at the same time achieving a great deal of personal growth!

Now I’m ready for the next phase of Green Global Resources, which is why Carolyn Lewis, CEO of Lewis Benefits, and I are announcing our strategic partnership and transition to The Lewis Group.  See more about the merge of our talents at

As a team the Lewis Group and Green Global Resources provide a more holistic approach to building workplace excellence solutions for our diverse portfolio of clients, all of whom are in the business of getting results.  For those of you who have supported Green Global Resources in the past, we thank you for the referrals you have made that contributed to our success.  We hope you are as excited as we are about this new development in our organization, aimed at continuing to deliver extraordinary results.

We wish you all continued success in 2017 and beyond!

Jennifer Green

When the HR leader decides that an HR audit is needed, the “triggers” for the audit are clues to the type of audit to conduct. Is the organization experiencing a lot of change as a result of acquisitions and questions are arising about how well equipped the HR staff is to help facilitate the change? Is there a concern that pregnant workers are being discouraged from taking intermittent time off before, or accommodation after, their pregnancy leave by their managers? Or, is there a high level of turnover and an inordinately long period associated with time-to-fill openings for some key positions?

Read the full PDF here: Look for the Triggers to Determine “What Kind” of Human Resources (HR) Audit



To be successful in today’s volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA)¹ workplace environment, applying a change management approach is as essential to project management as Microsoft Project™. Yet a change management approach is rarely a skill-set in Centers of Excellence (COE) functions, among project managers, or Business Partners, let alone among Enterprise Executives. Why is there such a lack of knowledge and integration into project management? Is it because Change Management methodologies have been kept in a mysterious black box, cloaked in an enigma, the secrets of which can only be accessed through a Consultant for a licensing fee, accompanied by a 3 day training at a beautiful mountain-top lodge? Or is it because it is viewed as a “soft skill”, like managing people, and technology-oriented project management competencies focus on technical problems, not people challenges? If you agree with the authors of Moments of Impact², “Adaptive challenges are “messy, open-ended and ill defined. Technical challenges involve applying well-honed skills to well-defined problems, such as building a bridge or organizing a production line.”

Read the full PDF here: Are you Managing Change or is it Managing You?

I recommend this discussion on PBS News, broadcast on Veteran’s Day.  Too few employers consider the skills returning veterans can offer.  The interview between the Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz, and Rajiv Chandrasekaran, of the Washington Post, who collaborated to publish the book,  “For Love of Country: What Our Veterans Can Teach Us About Citizenship, Heroism and Sacrifice.” is worth a few minutes of your time.  Recruiters are encouraged to hire veterans but there is little understanding about what veterans can offer employers.   I would like to remind you who are in the position of sifting through resumes of those who have served what veterans can offer in terms of transferrable skills and attributes:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Teamwork
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment
  • Execution
  • Logistics
  • Communications

There are others.  I hope you share your success stories about hiring veterans in the workplace!

I recently spoke to a large group on Change Leadership at the Sacramento Area HR Association’s (SAHRA) annual conference and if you were not able to attend, I’d like to share my presentation with you.  A good question that was raised by one of the participants was: “ When you are leading a project and change process, there is a lot of churn, stakeholders change and team members come in and out of the project all of the time.  How do you accommodate that in this model?”  By employing a support network (see slide deck for information) you leverage an extended team in your network to bring new people up to speed prior to launch of the product or process you are introducing into the organization.  One of the tasks of the “Ambassador” group members is to keep their stakeholders up to date on the project/process prior to launch. Then at launch and post-launch, a support network (L1, L2, L3) and technology can address newcomers as well as the stable stakeholder group in a sustainable fashion.  An intranet web page which provides a tutorial is key if your organization is launching a new broad-based policy or process that has a high impact (see project assessment tool). Stay tuned for updates and post your questions to this site as you encounter bumps in the road while you navigate change. It may help others.

Global Business Conference

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Green Global Resources, founded by Jennifer Green, is a boutique organizational development professional services consultancy, with Fortune 50 – 100 Corporate caliber experts with “A player” capabilities, focused on developing strategic talent solutions for clients who want organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Complementing our core team to provide global expert solutions and services are Specialists with global and local best practices in Legal Compliance, Benefits, Learning and Development, Mediation, and International Assignment Management. Learn more about us here!

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How is your organization equipped to manage change?

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Green Global Resources help clients navigate the ever-changing waves of the talent-scape caused by the dynamics of the global marketplace for products, services, and delivery of customer solutions.  Our talent management solutions are aligned to short term business goals and long-term strategies that may be ambiguous and turbulent.
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